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Mindfully Meeting: Boston!

As a health coach, I've realized how many people struggle to start (and stick to) a wellness plan. They see it as a chore, something they don't want to do, and I wanted to show people how much fun getting healthy can be!

That's how Mindfully Meeting was born!

Mindfully Meeting is a holistic hub dedicated to connecting people who are on a mental, physical, or emotional healing journey through fun, mindful, and productive events!

Currently meeting in Boston, we believe in 3 pillars to overall health:

Mindfully Moving, Mindfully Eating, and Mindfully Thinking.

By creating fun and social events to guide personal development within each of these pillars, we plan to show you that adopting a healthy lifestyle isn't a chore, and in fact, is an absolute blast!

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Mindfully eating

We are what we eat, literally! The food we consume is absorbed by the body, giving us energy and feeding our cells. When we don't eat well, we don't feel well but when we do, we feel amazing!

We want you to feel INCREDIBLE, but we also don't want you to be miserable on your diet, which is why we created Boston's first ever Plant Based Food Tour!  

This is a small group tour that takes you all through beautiful Back Bay, sampling delicious healthy food from all of Boston's best plant based restaurants while you learn about the benefits of eating healthy healing foods. Wait till you see how delicious eating well can be! 

Want to get $5 off the tour? Use the code "HUNGRY" at checkout to get your discount!

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mindfully moving

Mindfully Moving events are focused on finding fun and interesting ways to exercise that you actually look forward to! Exercise should be fun, like an adult version of play, and there's no reason to dread your routine!

Our movement based events are for anyone who's tired of the gym but doesn't know how to get in a workout without hitting the treadmill. 

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Mindfully thinking

Do your thoughts really create your reality? Mindfully thinking events are aimed at understanding how to use happiness, energy, and brain training to set you up for success in life. 

Every action comes from a thought first, so we want to explore our consciousness and learn how to manipulate our experience in lighthearted and social settings. 

In other words, we're dropping the existential dread and focusing on life design. 

Join our mindfully thinking events to dive into the secret that only the most successful people understand!