Individual Coaching

Someone once told me that going to a coach is like a spa for your heart. I work with clients one on one to find you an individualized plan for health and healing so you can stop focusing on the obstacles and start focusing on living a life you love. I use a combination of stress management exercises, neurolinguistic programming, and positive thinking exercises to help you finally hit your goals, manage your symptoms, and get you feeling better without compromising your happiness in the process!

Individual coaching is online or in person for $399/month for a 3 month program. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching always comes with a specific topic for discussion. For my coaching, that always comes down to stress management. Finding homeostasis and knowing how to get yourself there is the biggest key to health and healing. Stress is inevitable, but how you react to it is entirely up to you and that is what separates people from having success. In this place, you aren't pushing your body whatsoever, you're working with it to be able to bounce back more effectively than ever before! 

Group coaching is online via for $149/month for a 3 month program.