Individual Coaching

Someone once told me that going to a coach is like a spa for your heart. I work with clients one on one to find you an individualized plan for health and healing. I use a combination of stress management exercises, nutrition guidance, and basic fitness plans to help you finally hit your goals, manage your symptoms, and get you feeling better without compromising your health in the process!

Available for: Video Chat and In Person Consultations. 

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This 35 minute online class gives you the opportunity to carve out a space each week for stress management. During this time, I bring your attention back to your intention, focusing on what you want in life, by taking you through a self written guided visualization. This visualization, done weekly, will teach you how to practice deep belly breathing, switch you into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest), and train your brain to switch into this mindset whenever you choose! 

This visualization is set up to help you combat stress so you can focus on the things in life that actually matter!  

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